Fresh Build, No Waterfall, No Audio

Build crashed for unknown reason so made new one from scratch using
old line commands.
Went well, setup LAN as before, hit connect and see some digits in lower
right corner of settings display. No audio or water fall. Double checked radio
and LAN settings, get same thing. There is also no indicators for “Modulation Input”
and Data Mod Input. Usually see values there, LAN and USB , would be usual
readings for those two.

Its like seeing the radio but not fully connecting!


Does the rig type say “NONE” in the lower-right corner?

Check that CI-V Transceive is ON.

de W6EL

That did it! Dont know haw that got changed with all the builds
Ive been working on. Thanks…sometimes I cant see the forrest fo
the trees :slight_smile:


A lot of other apps will change CI-V Transceive to OFF, so sometimes you will have to double-check the radio. We’re working on a better way to do this.

de W6EL