Fresh install Linux Mint 20.3 - No audio

I installed a fresh copy of Linux Mint 20.3. After installing, by going through the installation instructions for wfview, all seems well - just no audio in or out. The waterfall and controls work. So, Windows, macOS and linux all share a similar problem: either no audio or no transmit audio. I guess I’ll try a Raspberry Pi and see if that will work.

Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug.

This isn’t the case for the majority of other users so I would look at what else is common. Are you using the same Logitech headset on all of these operating systems? If so it is possible that something within the headset is incompatible with wfview?

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Doug,

Are you using the “server” functionality for remote access? If not, there is no need for audio connections inside wfview.


de W6EL