Front panel functions/buttons/knobs


in scope of discussions about what should BE and what should NOT BE on front panel/main screen…
I tought it would be good to prepare a comparison of what functions are available on front panel of the main radios of interest of wfview 705, 7300, 7610, 9700.

Here is the initial screen shot:

Hope it helps. I can share of koz that file…

you definitely missed the 785x
at some point in time, stuff will be detached from the “main” window.
Depending on the type of rig, more or less elements should be displayed.

Stuff like – you see dual RX if the rig supports it (9700, 7610, etc) or a
single one (7300). Same for dual WF (785x, 7610) or single (7300, 9700)

Will update today evening for more.
Agree that stuff will become “detached” from main screen as is even happening with touch screens…
But controls that are exposed by manufacturer by physical buttons/knobs or being available as touch feature on main screen most probably are ones most used;)

Do you think it makes sense to progress with such comparison to help you or nor?

we have a lot of items. on milestone 1.70, 1.80, 1.90, 2.00 and even unscheduled ones.

I know Jim, Phil, Elliot will read the suggestions :wink:

we also know that several buttons/features cannot work due to lack of CI-V.

Ok, I’ve made some updates to that file. Added 785X and also some scoring based on MY usage;)
Also added “touch buttons” not only physical.


And screenshot from topmost here:

I think where we’re headed is to use drag and drop widgets such as what OBS uses. This way the user can organize the available widgets, close ones they don’t want, and pop-out some widgets into separate windows.

We can almost do it right now except that it is not compatible with tab containers. But we will make each tab into a separate widget and then should be good to go.

I feel like we have enough features now that there is indeed a need to let folks organize the functions around their operating style.

As for the radio, I have a number of… “complaints” with how some UI/UX things are done. I really don’t see it as much of a reference for good UI design, personally. But it is good to know what controls are generally available at the top level — it is what people expect to see anyway.

de W6EL

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smart phones and even tablets of 10"+ need a totally different interface compared to a laptop for sure.

If you look at how pRxTx+ or rcforb do their things, you see that for those handleds, lach of many controls on the main screen (or at all) is a good thing. Even if I run wfview on my tablet (10.5") I cannot control easily all the elements. RSBA1 is no different here. (no it’s not native, it’s nx nomachine controlled remoted)

Regaring RSBA1 – to me it’s not cluttered at all, it’s a very clean interface that changes depending on the rig connected. It has most controls almost directly available.

My personal belief is that many controls need to be available directly and all the set-and-forget controls
could be on pull down menus and/or separated windows.

@wa6jkn Kevin (ref Dual Passband Tuning (PBT) - #5 by wa6jkn) – you mentioned PBT to be for instance in a meno/drop down; I disagree on that because it’s one of the controls that needs to be directly available if needed. Some people don’t use it much, if at all; that’s fine. I use it regularly to cut off either side or move the whole passband up; cutting the filterwidth.
Having to select first a drop down/menu thing… nah, not for me.

A different thing would be the re-calibration of one of my roofing filters. That is something you do once in a while. So no need to hve it on the main screen.

going back on how rsba1’s UI is doing it’s work: it’s one of the best interfaces I have seen when it comes to controls and such.

I cannot think of what control can be left out to be honest.OK. maybe just one: VSC.

and some other s/w with some basic controls for phones/less estate

or this:

but that’s more for RX I guess.

And here you can see the SunSDR interface for comparison…