Getting wfview to work with IC-746 Pro

IC746 <—> Ubuntu 22

I have a possible IC746 Pro at work and the folks there heard I got wfview 1.65 working at home (client&server) and now they would like me to setup a wfview to control the IC746 at work so other folks can use it on the work LAN.

So I know there is a “remote” connection which looks like a 3.5mm Phone Jack, probably TS or TRS. For that it appears there’s a serial cable called a CI-17. Which is a simple RS232 cable. with a USB connector. (probably just a FTDI chip.)

For audio, we would need a SignaLink USB or similar, yes? Or possibly a Digi-Rig Mobile

Is there anything i have missed. Would PTT be a command over CI-V comms channels, or would i have to do something else to have an active PTT control on this rig?

See here:

It looks like the 746 Pro has a CI-V PTT command.

de W6EL

Great. Thanks Elliott. In your opinion, whats the best USB audio solution for an older iCOM radio such as the IC746 Pro.

I personally use the XGG Comms adapter listed in that page of the manual, and it works well for me with the IC-718.

de W6EL