Global Transmit Light


As you redesign the interface, I hope you will consider adding an intrusive global transmit indicator. By intrusive I mean really hard to miss, and by global I mean it is visible regardless of what screen you might be in (or what widgets might be visible/hidden, as I know you are transitioning that concept).

I think it would be nice in the current iteration of the app if the border window turned red or something very obvious like that.

I use wfview even while at home and in the shack, however in my current less than ideal setup, my radio is behind me and it’s not always obvious when the program is in transmit, especially as I’m experimenting with USB and software based controllers.


Peter N7MXK

Hi Peter.

As part of moving the scope to a separate widget (in order to support radios that have dual-watch/dual-scope options) there will be a border around the scope which indicates which scope is currently ‘active’. This could be configured to change colour on TX as it will be displayed on single scope radios as well.

73 Phil M0VSE

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