Got Connection status for: IC-7300 Busy and No CIV data received for 2s

Hi all,

First, let me say that Wfview is awesome! I’ve been using it with a remote client for well over a week and despite the lag here at my summer camp, managed to make some contacts using ft8.

Today I ran into an issue. Running 1.4 as my client. I lost audio and connectivity to my IC-7300.

The Wfview log shows the radio model yet the view tab shows NONE. The status dialog shows the radio. The connect/disconnect button reads “Connect” and there are a couple unusual log entries.

The first reads: Got Connection status for: IC-7300 Busy

The second one reads: No CIV data received for 2s

No frequency display, waterfall or audio. For all intents and purposes it looks like the radio is not connected, but the status dialog looks as though there is some communication happening.

Any ideas about the cause and remedy?

Jay - KC1PBX
wfview_9-19-22a.log (35.3 KB)

Hi Jay,

I believe status “Busy” means the server sees an existing connection. Most likely a client connection didn’t close cleanly. Can you try restarting the wfview on the server side?

Lots of updates headed to the source code, keep an eye on it. Pretty much every day or two right now :).

de W6EL

Neat news on the updates! Alas, I can’t restart the server until tomorrow.

Perhaps if that’s a good idea, may I suggest that as a feature request?

Also, I have not figured out how to mute the FT8 audio on transmit. I’d like that not to play through my speakers, if possible.

One other possibility is that you have two wfview clients running at the same time, accidentally. Maybe worth looking at your process list just to check.

As for audio, using two loopback devices should allow for you to not hear the sad-room-of-cats FT8 sound. I don’t hear anything using fldigi, for example. How is your audio set up on the client side?

de W6EL

Sad cat reference

I actually rebooted the Wfview laptop and made sure only one instance of Wfview is running.

My sound setup on the radio access page uses the opus 1 channel codecies, port audio at 16k.

I am not sure what the loopback you suggest is.

I’ll read the link you just posted.

Lol! Ok yeah I hear a squeal like that on transmit.

Hi Jay.

That sounds to me like your wfview server is unable to communicate with the IC-7300.

The IC-7300 Busy is basically telling you that somebody (you) is connected. This means the wfview server is responding OK but the lack of anything else, suggests that wfview can’t talk to the rig and send/receive C-IV commands.

The “NONE” in the bottom right is actually populated from the rig once valid comms are established which explains why it is NONE.

73 Phil M0VSE

Could it be that Wfview setup on the server computer is connecting locally to the radio as a client? Thus when you try to connect from the remote, the radio is busy?

I’m not totally sure about how Wfview handle this but this is what happens with Icom’s RS-BA1.

73… Ken - VE5KC

Hi Ken.

No wfview doesn’t work like that.



As it turned out both the ic-7300 and Wfview were frozen. I restarted both. Can’t test yet. Needed to tear our electric dryer apart.

Thanks for the help guys!