GUI request

I would like to request the ability to customize the GUI?
Or put the FREQUENCY more prominently up higher or above the waterfall?

Just a thought.


Hi Brian,

For now, the only way to customize the GUI is to build from source code. We are using qt designer for the GUI, and you can drag and drop the UI elements around prior to compiling the code.

A flexible GUI is something we’re thinking about. It’ll take a bit though, as we are more focused on core functionality and stability right now.


de W6EL

It is very personal i think, i would not prefer it above the waterfall. Now there is a clear seperation between the waterfall and the controll functions.
i like that personally better then all over the screen.

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UI definitely is a personal preference thing. I remember thinking firefox looked awful with the tabs above the location bar!

I hope we can eventually allow for user “skins” and dragable elements. Even as a programmer, I am still not 100% sure when I place a UI element, and I often will struggle over it for a few days, trying different spots.

de W6EL

Well E, as you wrote earlier, focus on core functionality and stability right now.
I prize that above cosmetic details of the GUI. I can live with your tastes in the GUI, even though my tastes are clearly superior (HI!).

… Rich W2RG