Had short success connecting via LAN from SDR Remote app on iPhone

I have an IC 7300. Windows machine. Purchased the SDR Remote app for iPhone.

I configured my radio per the directions. It’s connected to my PC via USB, of course.

wfview connects to my radio if radio connection is set to Serial (USB).

Then, if I switch the radio connection to Network, I can enter my computer’s IP address. This allows me to connect the SDR Remote app to my radio on the LAN.

For a bit last night, I had it all working perfectly, hearing audio through the app, able to transmit through the app.

I quit the app as well as wfview and relaunched it all to see if it was still working.

I did all the same steps but when connecting on the LAN via the app, I was getting “Incorrect username /password” errors.

I somehow got those cleared up and can again connect via the app, but now I get no audio sent to the iPhone app.

I’m pretty sure I’m confusing something somewhere along the way. Any guidance would be helpful.

Is the process of connecting wfview to the 7300 via USB, then switching to network to enable remote control the wrong process?

My wfview log file: https://termbin.com/auwj

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You are seeing a LOT of retransmissions, which usually indicates a network issue.

UDP audio streaming is one of the most demanding applications that you can run on a network, and can easily expose weaknesses not previously known.

As an example, for 48KHz 16bit audio (both TX and RX) there will generally be around 200 UDP packets transmitted between wfview and the rig per second. This is why UDP streaming is often used to stress-test network connections!

Any weak links, like a less than perfect wireless (or wired) connection can cause issues.