Hamlib error: invalid parameter while opening connection to the rig

I am using an Icom 7300, using JTDX, and no problem on the old computer, but will not work on my new computer. On the old computer com 3 and CAT works. The new computer under radio the serial port is USB. Could the issue be I need to use a Com port instead of USB? Comments would be appreciated. Doc

Have you installed icom’s drivers yet?

Also I wasn’t able to tell what version of wfview you are using.

Please share what these drivers are. Thank you for your reply.
Doc, Wb4doc

I just signed up with wfview yesterday.
Doc, wb4doc

Hi Doc,

The drivers create interfaces for serial communication.

You can find them on Icom’s website. I assume you are using the windows operating system, although you did not explicitly state so.

This website is for the wfview program. Once you install the drivers, then you can try downloading the wfview program if you are interested.


de W6EL

Hello Elliott,

I am using Windows 11. Could you name the specific drivers for my Icom 7300? I would appreciate it.

I don’t understand about latest version of wfview. I signed up yesterday.

Elliott, would you mind calling me?. 336 420 0170.

Sorry Doc, I do not use windows here. You may have to go to google.com and type in something like “IC-7300 driver windows” and see where that takes you. Probably worth a try.

wfview is a computer program. You’re on the wfview computer program support forum website. Signing up for the wfview support forum website is different than downloading the wfview program. This is not a support forum for general radio topics, it is just for the wfview software that some people use.

Sorry for the confusion.

de W6EL

I understand now. Thanks.

Yes, the Icom drivers are installed.

I just sent an email to one of the hams who helped write the JTDX software. He should know what to do.