Hamlib rigctld emulation and Audio Configuration


But I am using a config that conform to com requirements. I have a computer running wfview connected to my 7300 via USB. The fact that I access that computer via Chrome Remote Desktop is irrelevant. I also stream audio to and from the rig through another service that is also transparent to you. Think of me as someone running wfview on a computer sitting next to an IC-7300. Then read my messages again.


Hi Elliott,

I run wsjt-x and fldigi on the same host computer in VE3 that wfview runs on.

I can’t remember the rest of what you’re asking because I’m writing this on my phone and can’t scroll back to see what you wrote. I just woke up. 7:30 Saturday morning here and I’m still in bed. Give me a few minutes to get some tea and sit down at my computer and I’ll send a proper reply.


Hi Elliott,

Chrome Remote Desktop gives me full access to my host computer’s desktop. It’s like being there. I use another service (Source-connect) to stream audio back and forth. It hooks into the rig’s audio CODECs and works fine, but I wouldn’t trust it with time sensitive data like wsjt transmissions, too much latency.

So you’re telling me that I don’t need to bother with virtual audio cables at all. Just use the rig’s audio CODECs for external programs. I asked about that many messages ago.

I’ll work on that today. Wsjt will need some configuration changes because it is set up to use Omnirig with Win4Icom rather than Hamlib.

Thanks for clearing things up Elliott!

Ken Alexander VE3HLS

Hi Ken,

Indeed, just connect the radio to the program needing the audio.

We did not understand that your method of “remote” does not use our normal method of connecting two copies of wfview together via the internet. Otherwise, this suggestion would have come out a lot earlier!

Sorry for the confusion,

de W6EL

Thanks Elliott,

Just think of me as sitting in front of a computer connected to a 7300 on the same table!