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What is everyone using for head sets on client laptops? And what is best settings on Wfview for tx audio output and input?

I use cheapo computer headset and receive good audio reports.


I have used an old Yamaha headset for years with good results, but my ear buds work too. Otherwise if you want to spend a dollar, drop has their pc38x gaming headset on sale for 139 … https://drop.com/buy/drop-epos-pc38x-gaming-headset?mode=guest_open&utm_campaign=User%20Rewards%20Summary&utm_source=SparkPost&utm_medium=email&utm_term=User%20Rewards%20Summary&utm_content=1662069453359.655966159061896157982609&referer=J8XVMX

Using the Tx Audio meter, I like to see peak levels at -6 to -3 dBfs. Use your operating system’s control panel to adjust the microphone gain.

Then, and only then, adjust the “LAN” slider while transmitting so that the ALC meter moves to the 90-100% area. You might want to look at the radio documentation to verify that this is the intended ALC level.

Once you get the ALC level set using the “LAN” slider, then I usually turn on the compressor and turn up the compressor until I see a little reduction on peaks. Exactly how much you want here depends on your style. But I like to at least see it bump on peaks.

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And this is the headset I use, only mine is branded “MPOW”

Gaming Headset

It’s got a bit more bass than the stock icom mic, and this is one reason I am looking forward to adding an EQ to wfview for transmit audio.

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Am I setting on client or the server pc? My plan is to have server laptop in my garage and client on my office.

Set it all on the client. The “LAN” gain adjusts the radio’s internal audio circuit (it is a radio command). For a radio like the 7300 that does not know about LAN, this slider would be called “USB” for USB audio input, or ACC for accessory connector audio input.

de W6EL

I’m using a Heil Pro Set Media Pro headset and route the mic sound through the windows program VB-Audio and an accompanying equaliser. This way I can shape my audio to maximize noise penetration. I get very good response on audio quality anyway :grin:

EDIT/ADDED: this is connected on my local laptop and my radio is in my summer house 65km away over 4G cellular network.

I use a dell headset or built-in in mike (laptop)

I have heil too at home but that is for me a short name for disappointment

at home I use the supplied handmikes and a rp-dj1200/1210 on ears.