Headset recommendation

As wfview client I am using my Windows laptop, for voice operation I would like to use a headset connected to the speaker/mic connection on my laptop or a Bluetooth one. Can anyone of you do recommendations for a headset with good voice audio result but not costing a fortune ?

73, Fred - PA3BZT

Hi Fred.

It depends what you mean by a fortune??? I use a Lioncast LX55 gaming headset (around 50 GBP) which works really well. I particularly like the detachable microphone and cable.


73 Phil M0VSE


I tried a bt headset (wx1000xm2) and a dell/jabra headset. both fine
And so does the mike/speaker combo too of my thinkpad (carbon x gen 6)

Hi Fred,

I have been using the POLY Fusion II. The headset is Bluetooth V5.2, has 3 microphones in the boom that use beamforming technology for excellent noise reduction on the mic input. The headphones also offer two levels of noise reduction and the performance is excellent. The unit comes with a dongle for those PCs that don’t have built-in BT or it will go direct to iPhone, MacBook, etc. Customer service is excellent. Check them out: https://www.poly.com/us/en/products/headsets/voyager/voyager-focus-2

I use them on the ANAN7000 and with ICOM7300 via RPi over the Internet using the MacBook Pro built-in BT. Audio quality reports are stellar!


Hi Fred,

I really like the MPow Air SE headset. They are $25-32 depending upon the color and options selected.

It’s a very basic analog headset, but it’s comfortable, and the mic sounds very good. It’s the mic I used in my wfview video, for example. (To be honest, the video does have EQ and compression.)

They were on amazon.com but seem to have been removed. Here’s a link to walmart:
Mpow Air SE PS4 Gaming Headset with 3D Sound, Noise Canceling Mic, Inspired Soft Memory Earpads Red - Walmart.com

There’s nothing “3D” or overly fancy about it, despite the fancy graphics. But the system easily satisfies communications audio, I use it all day on conference calls too. The $32 version has a removable mic.

de W6EL

I use this headset

On a 10-inch “atom” pc I use the USB sound card, and on another desktop computer directly the jack connector. Just know that the microphone resists saving shape and tends to stretch. it’s a simple plastic product, but the sound reports are always very good, and the audio heard is also perfect.

Anyone considering a new wireless headset should read up on Blue Tooth Version 5.2. There are plenty of headset for sale using older versions which are not upgradable.



PS. Be sure your network uses ‘unmanaged’ switches. Be sure you aren’t downloading email or web site site on another browser tab while testing audio. Also test remotely from off your local LAN

hi Dave,

whats that about unmanaged switches?


I run my station Internet remote often and via LAN full-time. When streaming video or audio you don’t want your network switches interrupting packets… it will create latency, maybe increase jitter and for audio sound like clicks….

Hi David,

Which is the very reason why a managed switch is better. They allow prioritisation of packets (QOS) along with generally much better port-to-port throughput. This is why they are usually significantly more expensive than unmanaged.

73 Phil M0VSE

Doesn’t work that way… QOS is disabled on all my networks GIG Ethernet ports … no problems. Before using managed… problems.

I am 100% with Phil here. Note that any switch and router between your rig and your remote end over the internet is managed. (except of course the ones you have).

If you encounter issues it means that it may not be managed well enough. And that’s OK, I mean, there are lots and lots of things you can do with a managed switch. Can be just one that can enable / disable ports and have a spanport or something. And others may have more things you can change.

It’s not easy to do. Most managed switches however, if not all just are good just to connect and go.

All my switches are all managed by the way.