High SWR advert

Sometimes, I run on remote, and I go up and down… And sometimes, I can’t see if I have the tuner active or not.
And of course, occasionally, I transmit with a high SWR!
I have the second meter as SWR, but it doesn’t have much red :sweat_smile:
Is it possible to add a VERY BIG FLASHING RED DOT or something similar to the main screen if the swr is HIGH?

My RF power transistors can agree with this feature.


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Not a bad idea. With a user-supplied threshold perhaps.

de W6EL

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And, if possible, with TX inhibition if the swr is too much above the threshold.

How would you know if you won’t be able to tx?

Also, just make sure you have tuner on. And if you really are worried, set emergency tuner on, of it’s a 7300. ( I forgot)