Hotkey/Keystroke requests

I’m fairly new to Wfview, but looking forward to using it for some niche contesting and remote needs. Great piece of software!

I’m wondering if the following hotkey/keystrokes have been considered adding these? (Running 1.2d currently):

  • Equals (=) Key - Increase by 1Khz. This is currently mapped to + as well, but on keyboards without a number pad, this requires also pressing shift. - and = would be a bit more seamless when tuning.
  • Space bar - When held, set to transmit until released. When released, return to receive mode.
  • Left/Right arrows - Another way to Increase/Decrease 1KHz or other (possibly more intuitive than +/-)
  • Up/Down arrows - Increase/Decrease AF
  • Q?? - Mute(quiet) or unmute audio/AF

Looking forward to external device support (who can live without a foot pedal?! :).

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi Csharpen,

Those are good ideas. We also had some requests for arrow keys for tuning due to how annoying + and - are to access on most laptops (and then, how does one apply the shift modifier when you have to use shift to even get to those keys…).

As for PTT, of course you have control-T and control-R right now. I was looking around on amazon recently, and there are mini macro keyboards you can get with 5 or 6 keys, programmable at the hardware level to emit the desired key strokes. It would seem trivial to get one (they are around $25) and code a key for TX and one for RX, plus favorite tuning step keys.

But I’ll also say that Phil is working on code to support the ShuttleXpress and Shuttle Pro V2, which are controllers traditionally used for video editing and DAWs and such. But used with wfview, the knob and job support tuning, and the buttons can be assigned to common tasks such as PTT, mode, etc. I think it will be a big hit when we ultimately complete that work. Phil also has code to support the “official” icom USB controller.

Stay tuned here, we will update the keystrokes soon to include many updates people have asked for. Possibly also including a PTT “toggle” key stroke.

List of key requests:

  • Volume (possibly arrow keys)
  • Tuning (not using + and -, possibly arrow keys)
  • PTT Toggle

Anyone got some more ideas? Let’s her them!


de W6EL

My current solution for ctrl-t and ctrl-r using a foot switch:

Hi Klaus!

I was looking for this! I remembered that someone had done this but I could not find it.

Do you want to sell my dad one? He’s trying to build a mobile HF setup.

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,
don’t have really the time … but it’s simple and if you find someone and/or need more info (3D stl file), I’ll provide.
73, Klaus