How to configure "settings" to use VBCABLE

I’ve been holding off as a newbie, trying to avoid being “that guy,” but my patience has worn through. A Win10 Pro box running wfview as a “radio server” provides everything but audio. In the “radio server” page, RX Audio Input is set to CABLE Output and TX Audio Output is set to Speakers (VB Audio Point).

The other Win10 Pro Box running as a client has Rx Audio Input set to Cable Output (VB Audio Point). The TX Audio Output is set to Speakers (VB Audio Point).

All of these settings are my fault, trying to get to the ones the [might] work. So far, no good. The Audio System box on either page does not light up unless the radio is disconnected, and it is unclear what any of the setttings might do. I have scoured the documentation, but to no avail.

Any help from any successful connector would very much be appreciated.

Jim, N3SZ

Hi Jim,

What model radio?

de W6EL

Thanks for the reply

It’s an Icom IC-7300

Jim, N3SZ

Hi Jim,

On your server side, the audio devices selected under “Radio Server” need to be the radio’s USB audio devices. They will generally be named something with “USB CODEC” in the name, but the exact name can vary.

Make sure to Save Settings.

On the client side, you might want to start just by selecting your usual Speakers and Microphone devices before you dive into VBCABLE. Just to keep it simple until it works.

With all that said, I do encourage you to wait a day or two for version 1.60 to come out, which may work better for your purpose.

de W6EL


You are clearly a gentleman and a scholar. I shall attempt in the morning. Thank you.

de N3SZ


I can now hear what I’ve only been able to watch. Thanks a million!

Jim, N3SZ

So it’s working!

Are you on version 1.60 yet?

de W6EL

Yes, I am. And I am delighted with it. Minor glitch getting ATU enabled below 40M but I’m seldom up there.

Thank you!



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Damn near set up. But. Can use mic on IC7300 and it shows transmitting. On the client, I can press the transmit button and talk but power meter shows zero. CW shows normal signs. Any suggestions before what’s left of my hair is on the floor?

You need to tell the radio where to find the transmit audio. On the wfview client, Settings → Radio Settings → Modulation Input: (or Data Mod Input if using datamodes) needs to be USB to allow the audio from wfview to be used.


Also on the wfview client, you can enable a second meter, Settings → User Interface → Secondary Meter Selection. If you select TxRxAudio or TxAudio, this will show whether your audio is getting as far as wfview.


Thanks. Made those changes, still no audio making it from client.

Did you check the meters as I said in my previous message?

We really need to see logs to be able to diagnose further as there are many possible causes. Can you click Log → “Send to Termbin” and post the URL you receive into a reply (on both the client and server)?


As soon as I return from physical therapy. Thanks!




Well that’s an interesting one, this is the problem (from the server log):

2023-03-07 07:58:35.698 INF audio: Output failed to open device Unanticipated host error

This means that PortAudio encountered an error opening the output device (tx audio) sadly it hasn’t reported any more information.

I would recommend trying Qt Audio or Rt Audio on the server instead. One of the main reasons that we support 3 different audio systems is that it gives you 66% more chance of finding a configuration that works!


I have noticed something that might be the cause of this issue?

PortAudio is detecting 4 USB Audio devices:

2023-03-07 07:58:24.698 INF audio:   ( 6 ) Output Device  :  "Speakers (USB Audio CODEC)" 
2023-03-07 07:58:24.698 INF audio:   ( 7 ) Input Device :  "Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)"
2023-03-07 07:58:24.698 INF audio:   ( 8 ) Output Device  :  "Speakers (USB Audio Device)"
2023-03-07 07:58:24.698 INF audio:   ( 9 ) Input Device :  "Microphone (USB Audio Device)"

I would expect the IC-7300 devices to be called Speakers/Microphone (USB Audio CODEC) but I notice in the server configuration you have selected the USB Audio Device for output:

2023-03-07 07:58:24.714 INF audio: "Server Audio input device Microphone (USB Audio Device) found! "
2023-03-07 07:58:24.714 INF audio: "Server Audio output device Speakers (USB Audio CODEC) found! "

Please double-check what is selected in Settings → Radio Server → TX Audio Output and try again

73 Phil

So should the extra sources be eliminated? Did what you suggested. Port Audio is only one that works.

No you need to work out which of those is actually your IC-7300 and ONLY use that (your server is currently configured to use one USB Audio CODEC and one USB Audio Device, that is definitely incorrect.