How to delete old audio devices?

I HAD a number of unattached audio devices which I have deleted using my admin priv on Windows 10. It appears that wfview still remembers these audio devices. How can I delete them, and just show current audio devices. Please see the attached pictures.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Current Audio Devices including hidden

You would need to restart wfview (or change the audio system) for it to re-enumerate audio devices. It simply uses the available system APIs for this and doesn’t store anything.

73 Phil

Thank you Phil,

I am using PortAudio, and wfview is the daily build from a few days ago along with the latest dlls there as well.

I tried what you said and all the old audio devices remain there. I also saved and exited and restarted wfview and they were all there. I also have rebooted multiple times and restarted wfview and they are still there.

Is there something else I need to do?

Qt Audio appears to be correct with only 3 inputs and 2 outputs. But not PortAudio which has 13 inputs and 7 outputs.

I guess speak to the developers of PortAudio as it’s a 3rd party library, all wfview does is ask it what devices are available!

73 Phil

PortAudio appears to not have been updated since about April 2021. Not Good. I wonder if that is how all the old audio devices were created and left unconnected…

Is this why the wfview team encourages the use of Qr Audio? Did the team develop it?

Now that I have cleaned out all the old unconnected audio devices, Qt Audio works! I will be doing further testing.

Thanks Phil!

Hi Bob,

PortAudio was updated just before Christmas:

RTAudio is and Qt is the internal audio system provided by the Qt framework.

73 Phil

I see. I was looking here: where I saw the April 2021 date. And per your link Github has the more current status.

Rt Audio system does not show any input devices on my computer, so I plan to use Qt Audio system.