How to obtain the WAN ipv6 address

I have a linux setup for my two locations. I have tried to get the WAN address used by comcast for my modem but they do not provide it. They provide a “fake” IPv4 address that they do not use. Their suggestion was that I hire a network expert to come to my home and sort that out. So,…

How can I have an address forwarded from the remote location and use it to make a WAN connection? I have a clear understanding of how to do it on the LAN and have the port forwarding all worked out. I have defaulted to using TeamViewer to access the remote computer.


Hi Dave,

I suspect your provider uses CGT (Carrier Grade NAT) as that is becoming common due to IPV4 exhaustion.

If you do have a public IPV6 address then should show you what it is.

73 Phil

What I am hoping to understand is to find the ip address when I am not present. Since the ip is dynamic, it changes when I am not present and so I need some way to get that address. I believe TeamViewer has a routing that watches the ip and when it changes, forwarded that to the company. I would rather not use them but would like to connect directly and not have their little advertising box on screen.

Is there a small program to watch for an ip change and forward that to me by email or some other way?

David Voit

The most common way to do this is using Dynamic DNS, something like they provide a small client that you can install which periodically updates their DNS servers so you don’t need to know the IP address, as the hostname is always mapped to the correct IP address.

73 Phil

I have used the dynamic dns stuff before and it needs to be used at least once per month to stay on line and be free. If the time slips by, I would still need to be at the computer to restart it. That works but does occasionally put me on the spot. The TeamViewer has a fixed computer number and password so it does not disappear on you but has that little square telling you that you are using Team Viewer. Since this is not a business thing, it is free so that is great. I guess I was just hoping there was a way that bypassed those two little details. I do realize I would have to keep track of the updates so it will never be hassle free, just maybe not have to worry about more than doing an email search to see the last ip. Maybe the solution is to have both and use TeamViewer to restart when I let it expire?

Oh well, it was worth an ask. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi David,

You could always use one of the free ddns…

Other info can be found with a quick search of the net.