How to setup Sharing Control with Com0Com

In the user manual there is the “Share Control” section with links to virtual Port emulators. The Com0Com is the only free package.
I understand this is version 2.2.2 Does anybody know if this works on Windows 10 x64 and is it a signed version?
How about the way to have it installed via the command prompt?
I understand a Port CNA0 and CNB0 is created, but how to create a COM10/11? Need to use Putty because there is no GUI?
Does anyone have a step by step instruction?

When Googling I also found on Sourge Force version 3.0.0, signed for Windows 7. Does this work?
Who can help me out?

73, PA3BZT

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Hi Fred.

During development I have only used the commercial offerings. If there is a v3.0.0 signed version of com0com then it is probably worth trying as there is no reason why it shouldn’t work with wfview!

I will try to get it installed over the weekend and write-up some instructions.

73 Phil


Hi Phil,
Did you had a chance to look into Com0Com ?

73, Fred

Hi Fred.

I haven’t I’m afraid, but this version seems to be recommended for Win4Icom so I would be surprised if it didn’t work. The setup is described here and it would be much the same for wfview Third Party Software and Hardware Integration - Win4IcomSuite for Icom Radios

73 Phil M0VSE

Might want to update the sharing page in the manual with this signed Much nicer experience than the janky looking 2.2 from 2012.