How to use the cw module?

Hi all

I have downloaded and installed the latest weekly 1.58. I´ve done some test with the cw module but I am missing something.

As I see it its not practically usable at the moment. The macro buttons works without problem and so does the text box. BUT, its unusable for a QSO. If I understand correct you have to type your message in the textbox and then press TX and the message will be sent. But to use it for real QSOs it must be possible to set the TX first and then start to type text.
RSBA1 and other remote software has this fuction. in WFview I now need to type the entire text first and then press send. And that is not really usable.

George SB7S/SM7PXS

Hi George,

First of all, my apologies, I wrote that thing and I’ve only had one CW QSO in my life. So if it seems under-designed, well, it probably is. And this is why I need your input!

You can feed many texts to the radio at a time. For example, begin with a short start and then add several messages beneath it. The radio will put them all together.

I’m sure you experimented with the three break-in modes. You can use “none” and key the radio manually with the Transmit button, type in CW, hit enter, type more CW, hit enter, and then, when it is all sent out (and when is that? you have to monitor yourself for now at least), press Receive. Or you can use semi or full breakin to have the radio do this T/R switch for you.

I don’t really see how this is “not really usable”. It doesn’t seem so different to me than any other digital mode where I type what I want to send and the computer or radio sends it out. I can add many “stanzas” of text to be sent out at-will during my turn in the QSO and the radio just strings them together and sends it all over the air. But I am open to your input and ideas!

de W6EL


RSBA1 in auto tx mode does not start sending CW at all, unless you hit enter, Örjan. What other software starts sending character by character and waits? How does semi-bk in work this way? And how would that go with full bk-in?

Also, if you send a character and then wait because you are looking to the next, the wod/letter timing will uterly fail.

At some point we may add a paddle and/or straight key with iambic a/c on the paddle. That needs extensive tight latency control between wfview and the rig as well. Unless you think that crappy timing is a good thing at higher speeds.

Hi all

Ok,I was not aware that I could send with Enter key between words. That helps a bit.
@roeland RSBA1 in auto TX mode starts transmitting when you press space the first time. Then you can continue to type as it sends after each space. Just like you where typing normaly. sends after each keypress. No problem with semi break in there. I don´t know how Marcus has solved that. I do seldom work above 30 WPM but have not noticed any timing problem.

@eliggett I will try to explain a bit more. It might be long. Lets say i use Macro1 for calling CQ and I get a reply. In RSBA1 and others I start to type. If W8XXX calling me the typing will be something like this “W8XXX tnx call es GM ur rst 57N 57N name George George hw? bk”

His call, the greeting and report can´t be in macros, those, needs to be typed since they change for every qso. If wfview starts keying the radio after I have typed his call then I can just continue to type the rest, or use macros. As designed now I need to press space between all words and enter key in several places to send the caracters to the radio. Its easy to forget a space and just press enter and then two words will be sent together without the space. Its doable of cource but there will be more keystrokes and more errors. So sending the text to the radio with space or enter would be a big difference in usability I think.

Otherwise a fantastic software. You are all doing a great job. Can´t wait for the weekend when I have more time to try with the shuttle pro V2 I have.


Hi George,

Ahh I see what you mean. The other person would have to wait for you to type at least the beginning of your reply, and hit enter, prior to the radio sending anything. Yes, that would not be great.

Well, we can look at ways to send it out as you type. I am sure it will be fraught with subtle details in terms of maintaining good CW timing. But, indeed, it could be made to send at each space in the typed words, I suppose.

For version 1.65, ok? :slight_smile: If we delay 1.60 any more the people are going to riot!

Keep the suggestions rolling in,

de W6EL

Yes Elliot, exactly. The other station would start calling again and it would be a mess.

No problem to wait for 1.65. And sending after each space is enough for most people. Should not cause timing problem.