HRD Logbook

Does anyone know how to connect HRD Logbook to WFVIEW? I’ve been using Log4om of years and have no problem connecting it, but lately I’ve been testing out HRD Logbook. Just haven’t been able to connect it to the radio.

So is there any way to open port 7809 to the localhost ( from WFVIEW? Apparently that’s what is needed to allow HRD Logbook to connect. At least that’s the way Win4icom does it.

No that’s not possible. Win4Icom ‘pretends’ to be the HRD Rig Control program, which allows other HRD programs to connect to it over port 7809. This isn’t supported by wfview.

73 Phil M0VSE

Too bad. Lots and lots of potential wfview users out there who love hrd logbook.