IC-705 connection uissues

I have uninstalled all previous version of Wfview and installed a new version. from previous versions apparently the info for IP login etc were still there. I cant get the radio to talk to my computer. i can ping it no problem but thats it. enclosed is the log file link. please help going a tad crazy here. i have a 15 month old and need to get back on the air to have some sanity LOL


73 Eric N2KOJ

Hello Eric,

Reinstalling does not zap any settings saved on your computer.

You need to verify the IP address on the radio’s screen, and make sure that Network Control is Enabled. Verify the username, set the password again, and check that the ports are the standard 50001, 50002, and 50003. Look out for sneaky extra zeros.

After some verification with the radio, as mentioned above, go into wfview and re-type the information: hostname/IP address, username, password, and port. Press Connect. If it works, hit Save Settings.

de W6EL

TY TY TY! Im a Knucklehead I was missing a 0 in WFVIEW its connected now! Now to get WSJT and everything working so i can get onto FT8 and FT4. This also helped me realize time for a new glasses prescription LOL.

73 Eric N2KOJ

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Hang in there man, that 15 month year old will do a lot more than eat zeros soon!!

(I’ve had three!)

Glad you found it,

de W6EL