IC-705 JTDX Burst of white noise at the start of TX

Hi, Im using Bluetooth virtual com port to control from JTDX VB cable to redirect audio from Wfview to JTDX, im seeing/hearing a burst of white noise at the start of every TX.


Hi Graeme

Are you using a separate VB Cable pair for TX and RX? If not, you will likely find that the RX audio output is being fed into the TX input for a fraction of a second (until the RX audio is muted). Multiple VB Cables requires a purchased copy of the VB Cable software as the free one only provides a single input/output pair.

73 Phil M0VSE

I was using a single VB Cable, i have purchased the A+B VB Cable now and it works perfectly thanks for your swift and expert reply

73 M6GDT Grahame