IC-705 looses CAT connection

After a longer way to get my wifi connection between ic 705 and my Macbook stable, I still have some trouble with the CAT connection. A few time per hour WSJT-X tells me that the CAT connection is gone. I can then click “ok” in wsjt-x and everything is fine again. I am using the virtual serial port “…/rig-pty1” (configured in wfview and wjt-x). I am contiuous running a ping towards the 705, and when the issue occurs, the pings are ok. So I assume that it’s probably not a wifi problem. Any ideas how to solve that?

BTW, I found that on the 705, the TCP port 60000 is open. What is it used for?

73 Peter, DL5DLA

RF getting into the USB? Try reducing power to 1W and see what happens. Can be cured with a ferrite core on the USB cable.

Hi Peter.

Which version of wfview are you using? V1.2c has some improvements which ‘should’ fix this so hopefully you are using an older version?

73 Phil M0VSE

if you have a local wifi network, you could try to use that too. (The 705 is not great with wifi though)
(ok seems you are using that already)

Hi Russell

Looking that it, Peter is using WiFi so USB shouldn’t be an issue

73 Phil

Oops - misread that. As you were.

port 60000, is that tcp or udp, or both? Maybe even 23 is open. Let me check when I’m at home.

Thanks for your answers. Phil, I am using 1.2c already.
I changed the wsjt-x settings for the serial connection from “default” to 8N1, not sure whether this will improve the situation.

@Roeland: only the tcp port 60000 is open, the other tcp ports are closed.

Hi Peter.

Unlikely to help to be honest as the pty device has no real concept of serial settings.

One thing that improved things for me was to increase the polling interval from 1s to 2s