IC-705 - Unstable wifi connection/some observations

I am connecting my IC-705 via wifi to my Macbook. Normally this works fine, but at some hours of the day the transmission is unstable (the vertical TX line in the waterfall in that case is interrupted for short times). I guess that the reason for this comes from the load of the used wifi channel over the day. If it increases over ca. 15-20%, the issues occurs. I played around with different channels, which temperarily helps as long as the new channel gets no traffic from my neighbors.

Today I had another strange observation: the waterfall temporarily was freezing and transmission was not possible anymore. I checked the load of the channel again (see picture):

at -10 to - 8.3 min → everything ok
at -8.3 min → load increases to 65% for some reason
at -6.8 min → I stopped wfview and the load decreases
at -6.2 min → I restarted wfview and tried to reconnect several time, and the load went up again
at -4 min → stopped wfview and the load decrases (now only the background traffic from my neighbors)
at -1 min ->I finally could start wfview again and everything was ok again for the rest of the day

So I guess this behavior is not related to the background load of the channel, but depends on wfview somehow.

As normally the load during operation is around 10% (wfview adds ca.5% to the backgroud load), I do not understand why at sometimes the load jumps up to 65%? Any ideas?

BTW: without wfview running, ping times from Macbook to IC-705 are at ca. 40-100 ms and varying strongly. When I start wfview and connect to the 705, the ping times reduce to 3-5msec - what is fine, but I do not undestand, how this works. Does the 705 goes into sleep mode when no UDP stream is flowing,i to safe power? Does wfview requests the start of the UDP stream, or how is the 705 woken up?

I would be very interested if others also have similar observations.

Peter at last i see someone who has the same problems as i have due to much traffic on 2.5 Ghz wifi. (I think it is the cause) but the stringe thing is when i use RSBA1 to connect via the same wifi on the same computer, the stream runs without any interruption en very smoothy. So possible it has to do something with the way wfview handles it udp-stream

73’s de PA0GSM (gerard)

Hi Gerard

It is worth checking what sample rate RSBA1 is using, by default it uses 16KHz whereas wfview uses 48KHz by default. This will result in 3 times the amount of traffic so one way to accurately compare the two is to make sure they are both using the same codec and sample rate. For ‘normal’ use, 16KHz should be sufficient so you can try changing wfview to use that.


Phil M0VSE

Itried different sample rates in wfview without any essential difference, als i tried to play with the retention time, als without result.

73’s de PA0GSM

Hi Gerard.

Just checking, you did disconnect and reconnect after changing the sample rate (in fact restarting wfview may be better)? If the problem is related to bandwidth then reducing the sample rate should make a massive difference!



Wi-Fi systems use time-partition-based radio modulations, so the concurrence of multiple clients is treated for small time intervals.
This makes it, for example, tricky to stream real-time audio streams, as the more users have access to an access point, the less time it will have for a real-time signal to pass between the AP and the client.
Each type of modulation (and there are many) that an AP uses with its clients has a different usage time rate. But the result is always the same the signals in Stream UDP end up intertwining and distorting.
Instead, you use an AP and a single client can have the channel open all the time (depending on the protocol used, but it is possible) and have no losses.
My first option would be to put a LAN cable, but if it is not possible, I would put a second AP dedicated to WFview, and if possible with some adaptive modulation. For example, AIRMAX (ubiquiti) radio systems work very well, and the equipment is economical. If not, the NV2 protocol from Mikrotik, which has even better prices.

Yes I did so: save settings and restarted wfview.

73 de PA0GSM

Hi Peter,

sehe gerade, Sie benutzen auch eine Fritzbox. Im Menü meiner Fritzbox mit Mesh-Repeatern steht seit einiger Zeit das IC-705 nicht nur als Wlan-Client sondern als Mesh-Quelle, also mein Notebook ist angeblich über das IC-705 mit der Fritzbox verbunden ? Wohl ein Identifikationsfehler des IC-705. Aber stört soweit nicht.
Das Programm Wfview teste ich gelegentlich und bräuchte es eigentlich für ein Android-Tablet im Garten … denn den Schlepptop laß ich lieber im Haus und da brauch ich neben dem 705 (bei mir zu 99,9% ein Scanner) keine 2. Audioquelle. Bisher laufe ich draußen mit einem Bluetooth-Headset rum, geht gut 20 m.
Was mir noch nicht klar ist, ob ich den Transceiver wenn ausgeschaltet, über das Programm immer starten kann ? Schalt ich ihn mit Power off mit Wfview aus, kann ich ihn einige Sekunden später wieder starten mit Power on, aber wie lange später … ? IP-Adresse ist immer die gleiche.
Auch ist manchmal nach dem Programmstart mehrmals connect, disconnect erforderlich bis sich was tut.
Irgendwann wird das Programm ja mal fertig sein und stabil laufen ? Und hoffentlich auch einen SCAN-Start-Knopf bekommen …

vy 73

Hallo Peter, konntest Du das Problem abschließend lösen? Ich habe das gleiche Problem, konnte es aber nur deinetwegen auf das WiFi zurückführen. Der IC-705 kann allerdings auch einen Hotspot aufspannen und dort treten die gleichen Probleme nach einer gewissen Zeit auf.

Enrico DH7ATV

Ja, ich hab statt Autokanal mir nun einen Kanal genommen, der nicht so einen großen Traffic von anderen WLANs in meiner Nähe hat. Da ging es dann gleich besser.
Vy 73 Peter

guys… English please.