IC-705 using network server

Today’s test…

I usually use Wfview connected to the IC-7610 over the network. I’m slowly going through the many things my new IC-705 is capable of to decided to get it working on the network. The next logical thing to try was connecting to it’s network server with Wfview.

It was very easy to do and worked the first time. To keep things simple, I used the same user name and password as on the IC-7610. All I had to do was change the IP address, disconnect and then connect. Everything I tried worked fine worked fine. This was good for the first test, I’ll look into it further later on.

73… Ken - VE5KC

Hi Ken,

Great to hear, and glad it’s working. It’s definitely a design criteria here to make it easy to get working and intuitive to use.

Let us know if you run into trouble,

de W6EL