IC-705 won’t connect to WSJT-X

I’ve got an IC-7300, an IC-705 and 2 MacBook Air laptops. Both computers, using WSJT-X work perfectly with the IC-7300. I just can’t get WSJT-X’s rig interface to connect to the 705 using USB. I tried several cables with no luck. I also tried every possible setting changes that I could think of (including CI-V addresses and settings). Then I downloaded and unzipped wfview, set the ci-v address, and voila I got perfect rig control of the 705 on the very first try (literally within 5 min of unzipping). Thus, the radio’s usb interface is working. So now I’ve verified that the 705 and the cable are functioning. But when I try to get WSJT-X to connect to the 705 (even using the /Users/username /Library/Containers/org.wfview.wfview/Data/Downloads/rig-pty1) usb connection, WSJT-X says that the usb connection failed. I’m perplexed. Any suggestions?

I recommend using rigctld as it could be a sandboxing issue with MacOS?



I use Flrig with wsjtx. In wsjt choose rig as “Flrig”

With my Macs I use SDR-control for FT8

/ Tommy SM6NZB

tis 9 maj 2023 kl. 08:00 skrev Mwg via wfview <noreply@wfview.org>:

Incidentally, please don’t manually set the C-IV address, we absolutely recommend enabling C-IV Transceive on the radio and leaving C-IV to auto.

Great suggestions- but none of them worked. Both 705 and 7300 work perfectly from wfview with no change in configuration. Wsjt-x works with 7300, but not with 705 (failed usb connection). I’ve tried every combination of wsjt-x rig combination and CI-V address on the 705. Still no luck.

Yahoo. I made some progress. Here’s what worked….

  1. set 705 CI-V address to 94h (not sure this matters)
  2. set wsjt-x rig to ic-7300 (I never had success with wsjt-x preset for IC-705)
  3. for ic-7300 I used the Silicon Labs USB driver (/dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART ). For 705 I used /dev/cu.usbmodem142201. (Thanks to fldigi / Wiki / IC-705 Setup for the good tutorial)

Thus, I have to keep the rig set to to the 7300 for both rigs. I manually change the serial port when I change from radio to radio. It’s not elegant but it works.

Thanks to all. More advice is most welcome

I use 7100 but it should be simillar - apart from 705 can run server in itself.

For WSJT-X I opted out to use VNC - I run WFVIEW on RaspberryPI4 as Server and I installed FLRIG,FLDIGI,WSJTX etc. If I run DIGI I can do VNC. If I do WFVIEW, I launch server and can connect from any of my laptops. Seems like good steup.

I tested running wfview client into Virtual Audio Adapter and having Virtual COM Port - it worked but it adds latency a little - if you run already higher latency like I do, you avoid it but it does work indeed.

Jiri OK2IT

I am a bit confused by your post. are you trying to connect wsjtx directly to the 705, or through wfview for remote operation?

I use MacOS and can connect direct from WSJTX to the 705 by USB no problem, except when I have my amplifier turned on. RF gets in to the USB Cable and messes things up.

Attached are some screen captures of the settings. The first two are via WiFi and WfView, and the second two are directly connected via USB:

Big thanks! I haven’t yet tried to connect to the 705 via WiFi. I was trying to get it working connecting wsjt-x. I’ve had great luck connecting wfview to the radio, but no luck yet with wsjt-x and wfview running at the same time.

I think my next step should be to get the IC-705’s WiFi up and running and connect directly to wsjt-x.

Your screen captures are a huge help. Thanks!!