IC-7100 issues

I set it up for use with an Icom 7100. When tuning with scroll wheel, it initially starts tuning but then selects wild frequencies from 163.444 Mhz to 214Khz. I tried using it locally through the USB connection, as well as remotely from another computer on the LAN using the server. Also the band selection doesn’t seem to work.

Should I see (on the client end when operating remotely) IC-7100 in the lower right corner. It does not appear.

FWIW, the audio stream seems to work.


Charlie KB8CR

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Hi Charles.

This issue is fixed in the latest master branch. It is due to the way that CI-V is handled by the 7100.

We plan to make a test release within the next few days that contains this fix.

73 Phil M0VSE