IC-7300 No Tx Audio on mac os client

Good evening all from down under, I have recently install v1.1 on my W10 server and mac os client. I can receive and see the waterfall however cannot get TX audio. PTT does make the radio key but alas no audio from the mac to radio via pc. Can some please advise what I can do to get this software going correctly. I have chosen wfview over the ICOM software. That’s another story. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Jack Cockinos

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Hi Jack.

I am assuming you are using an IC7300 connected over USB?

It sounds like you have the audio devices set correctly but in the Settings tab of wfview you must set the modulation input to USB (default is usually Mic) as that is how the rig knows where to get the audio from.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

Yes the rig is connected over USB to the server PC.

On Server: Settings Modulation input is set to USB and Data mod input is set to USB.

On Client: Settings Modulation input is set to Mic and Data mod input is set to Mic. Have tried all combinations to no avail.

Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Jack.

All the Mod source comboboxes do is tell the rig where to find TX audio. If it is set to Mic on the server or client, as soon as it is connected, it will send the command to the rig selecting Mic input. As I said before, this must be set to USB as otherwise the rig will use the internal Mic socket.

If it still isn’t working then you need to double-check your audio settings within wfview. On the server the Audio output must be the Microphone input of the rigs USB codec and the input must be the speaker output of the USB codec.

Also check that the USB slider is ‘up’ within wfview as this is the transmit audio level (it will be called Mic if current audio input is Mic so should be called USB)

If all else fails, send us screenshots of the View and Settings tabs on the server and client.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,
Thank you for your assistance so far. With my mac book pro laptop in the lounge room and my rig in the office area at home. I am using the ip range 192.168.xxx.xxx This works fine I need to know check it from my work office to home. I will be playing with this tomorrow.

Thanks again


Hi Phil,

have noticed that I occasionally have to restart both client and server computers to get the audio to transmit from the client to work. I have the Modulation set to USB on the server and it works for a while then stops.
Any ideas I can chase at my end?
73 's Jack