IC-7300 remote station wsjt-x fldigi

i am planning to use the 7300 on my remote station.
as we speak the setup is as follows.

remote station : HP elitedesk mini + win 10 (running WFview v 1.62)
operator laptop : hp pro i5 8th gen.

i can make a remote wfview connection to the remote site and that works great.

but i want to run wsjt-x also.
currently i run it on the remote station pc with the connection using the option hamblib NET Rigctrl
( and the sound devices offcourse the usb from the 7300.

every now and then wfview freezes and i need to restart wfview and reconnect.
i believe it now runs better without using the auto comport option.

but now i want to use wsjt-x or fldigi and n1mm on the operator pc.

waste off time or is there a easy way of doing this ?

ps : i remote into the remote station using Zerotier(vpn) and incase of vpn failure Teamviewer.

and a secondairy question, if possible i want to run a second radio (ic-7100) at the same remote station using wfview. can i run multiple versions of wfview at the same time on the same pc ? ( have not googled it, sorry )

73, Joost - PA5ZL

Joost, You can run as many instances if you like as long as your hardware, bw etc does not end (it’s performance)

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I use NoMachine for Remote Desktop digital operation.

Tnx Mike and Roeland.

I am new to wfiew, i recently aqquired a 7100 and 7300 to replace my old FT857 on my remote station.
I am not new to audio streaming as it is a part of my day 2 day job.
there are a couple of small things that are being use different the way we (in broadcasting) are use to do.
as we speak i also ordered a usb controller from ali to play with.

more testing and playing is needed from my side, getting the trx known better and also in combination with wfview.

one of my nice to have item would be a usb controller/keyboard with the most needed functionslike => volume, tunning ptt aka a remote front of the trx.

i know this a very small part of the wfview user that the current user may want. but for sure very nice to have.
something like this => https://www.bax-shop.nl/dj-controller/numark-dj2go2-touch-dj-controller?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQjwu-KiBhCsARIsAPztUF2nzwkVdOEr75Nm0GH0dRVUR2NuZX_k44Iko1c83tc0VVVzPWH7W7MaAnH-EALw_wcB

Joost, PA5ZL

Hi Joost.

wfview already supports a number of USB controllers (Icom RC28, EESDR E-Coder, Contour ShuttleXpress/Pro and Xence QuickKeys) and the development branch also contains support for every available model of Elgato StreamDeck!

We don’t support any ‘DJ’ controllers as these are almost all MIDI based, which would add a significant development effort.

My personal favourite controller at the moment is the StreamDeck Plus. This has 8 programmable buttons (with OLED screens), 4 encoder knobs and a single large OLED screen above the knobs. I have also added the ability to display the waterfall or scope from a supported radio on the display. This will be available soon when we make the next release.

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Hi Phil.
i am not a SW developer :wink:
the streamDesk plus will do the job perfecly.

just update my christmas wiselist :wink:

73, Joost.

Here is a (very early) version of the StreamDeck Plus running with wfview. I have since added uploading button icons and level feedback for the knobs (small popup above the knob with the current level)


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Hi Phil, that is looking good.
but why not support the very cheap device i mentioned. i found this => Add a foot switch and DJ Controller improves SDR Console
By the way the streamdeck is not cheap.
i know implementing something for a small group of users is a decision to be questioned.
is it so much different then implementing for example the streamdeck ? agin i am not a SW developer.

73, Joost

Hi Joost.

Mainly because I have little interest in adding MIDI support, and would have to buy whatever controller in order to add support.

If somebody wants to donate a controller to me, that “might” change my mind (but no promises)

73 Phil M0VSE

maybe i just may follow you up on your offer to donate. :wink:

or convince some one to write some kind of small program that converts/remap it to a usb controller.

73, Joost.