IC-7300 + SDR-Mobile

Hi, all.

I have wfview running on a Windows laptop that is connected to my IC-7300. This setup works absolutely great, with minimal delay from a wfview client to the wfview server. However, I also bought SDR-Mobile on iPhone, and I am noticing literally 6-7 second delays in audio between the radio and SDR-Mobile. Obviously this is not useable. I can overcome a half-second or 1-second delay, but not a 6-7 second one. This is on my home wifi, not remote.

Also, I do note that the frequency display is updated immediately on SDR-Mobile. It’s just the audio that is taking so long.

Anybody have a working setup using a 7300 and SDR-Mobile, or have any ideas on something I can try to minimize this delay?

I mean, there’s a lot in the chain here so maybe this just isn’t going to work. And yes, I know that SDR-Mobile does not officially support the IC-7300. This was an experiment. It would be cool if this would work, since wfview to wfview works fine.