IC-7300 switching to LSB

Hey, all.

I access my IC-7300 through wfview running on a Windows laptop. This provides rigctl to MacLoggerDX running on my iMac. I have noticed that every time I connect MLDX to the 7300 through wfview/rigctl, the radio flips to LSB.

Any idea how this might be happening? I reached out to Don @ Dog Park Software, and he assures me that MLDX is simply reading radio status. And, I did test and found that this does not happen when the radio is directly connected to my iMac.

Something is making it change sideband sides…

Any ideas?


Check to see if “Automatic SSB” is checked. Maybe this is working against you.

Last I checked, we do not automatically switch sideband if you are in USB-D though. Any -D (data) mode stays as-is.

Thanks, Elliott. It was checked; I have unchecked it, saved the settings, and restarted the app. Hopefully that eliminates this issue for me.

Well, unfortunately that did not do it – I just reconnected and the radio flipped to LSB… :man_shrugging:

Is it going from USB to LSB or USB-D to LSB?

Is there a change in frequency happening at the same time or not?

de W6EL

It’s going from USB to LSB. There is no change in frequency – only the sideband side changes.

If you feel up to it, launch wfview in debug mode and send us a log file.

From your Terminal: (substitute the correct path for wfview.app if you have it in another location)

open /Applications/wfview.app --args --debug

Then re-create the issue quickly (the log file will get pretty large), and send it to us following these directions:


I’m curious as to what it is. I suspect some kind of command over rigctld is being combined or sent in a way we are not used to seeing it.

de W6EL

I would be happy to do that, but wfview is running on my Windows laptop. MacLoggerDX (on my iMac) connects to the 7300 through wfview.

Is there a way to launch wfview in debug mode on Windows?

Yes, for all platforms you just have to add --debug and it’ll launch that way.

Thanks, I got the log and was able to reproduce the issue.


That does look like a bug in our rigctld implementation

2024-03-06 12:03:10.319 DBG rigctld: 2076 RX: "+\\set_mode ?"
2024-03-06 12:03:10.319 DBG rigctld: setting mode: VFO: "VFOA" 0 "?" passband 0 command: "+\\set_mode ?"

It is interpreting the command set_mode ? as set_mode 0 (0 is LSB)

The ‘set_mode ?’ command is supposed to return a list of available modes, but this isn’t something we have implemented, and I haven’t seen it used before by rigctld clients.

Unfortunately you will probably have to wait until the next release for a fix of this issue.


Phil, no problem - I have been dealing with this for months. :slight_smile: Another while (for whatever definition of “while”) won’t matter. I’m just glad to finally know what’s going on.

One of the ‘many’ changes in wfview 2.0 is a complete rewrite of rigctld to better reflect the current rigctl protocol, it is taking a bit longer than expected though!

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