IC-7610 Audio not working on Windows 10 install, both USB and LAN

I am trying with my friend to make it work on IC-7610 with Windows 10. Control seems to work but audio does not.
Not on LAN, not on USB.
Is there a clear tutorial with transceiver settings and app/SO settings for windows 10?
Just the simple steps, do exactly this and this and this and boom!


Hi Mario,

Have you looked at the Getting Started guide? I would start there.

There is no audio on USB connections. When you plug in with USB, you can use the audio directly in any application you wish, such as wsjt-x or fldigi. wfview doesn’t use the radio’s audio in this mode.

For the LAN connections, yes, there should be live streaming full-duplex audio. If you are not hearing any audio from your computer, it is most likely that the wrong audio device got selected somehow. Under Settings, on the Radio Access page, make sure you have the correct speaker and microphone selected. If, by chance, you have a USB headset available, try connecting that up and then re-launching wfview and selecting that device. Don’t forget, you need to be disconnected from the radio when you change the audio device, and then reconnect. Save settings if successful.

I’m sorry we don’t have a more detailed tutorial. The getting started guide is definitely the place to start, and it sounds like you are 90% there since you do have a connection.

If you still can’t get any audio, please press the Log button and then press “send to termbin” and then send us the URL that comes back in a few seconds. Then we can see your log file and perhaps diagnose the issue.

Also, by any chance is your localization set to a language other than English?

de W6EL

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you are referring to USB and LAN, MarioMirabella.

I assume you only want to use it over the LAN. You state also that all is working over LAN except audio.

  • did you try any other codec for the audio?

(If you want to change to rt, portaudio etc, push disconnect, and connect again.)

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I am testing USB first since common sense told me audio will work on USB, it would be highly weird not to, since the USB sound card is there… I mean… really?!? Why the USB sound card is there if the software can not use a simple generic usb sound card… this is surprising and scary.
Regarding the codec, I would try to change that.
If the setting would not be greyed out.
I’m on Windows 10, btw.

And yes, I did checked the software manual and no, is not clear if I have to use the “Radio access” or the “Radio server” or both settings. As I can see from people (like me, fighting the settings and loosing battles :-))) ), they are using both and I am not sure it is supposed to be used like that.

Hi Elliott

Thank you for your reply.
Could you be so kind and reply to the following, for the LAN remote scenario usage:

  1. In the LAN remote scenario, what are the EXACT setting I should have in the 7610 radio? Let say the IP configuration is working, I am asking about everything, and I insist EVERYTHIG that should be set up in the 7610 menu in order to have it working.

  2. In the wfview “Settings” page what are the exact, I insist, EXACT settings that should be made in order to have it working. For example, is frustrating confusing the “Radio access” menu and the “Radio server” menu. I see people are setting up both menus and I think it could be wrong.
    Or not.
    Who knows?

And yes, I did read the software manual and I am even more confused now :-)))
If I get this working (before I get bored) I’ll write a proper tutorial and make it available for the community.
Please help me help you make the wfview great :slight_smile:



the how and what of the lan setup is in the icom manuals.

Regarding insisting having everything in the manual, we should start with basic networking, right? And let’s cover all kind of topologies. Let’s discuss what a default gateway is. What about a VPN?


  • set hostname or ip address
  • set control port if you have changed it
  • put in username
  • put in password

and it connects.

starting with USB in reality is not logically to start with but I digress.

Regarding changing the codec I wrote:

“(If you want to change to rt, portaudio etc, push disconnect, and connect again.)”

because, you know, if you don’t… it’s greyed out, indeed.

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Hi roeland

Thank you for your great reply. However, the “the how and what of the lan setup is in the icom manuals” does not help anyone. Is rather impolite and largely considered rude. In Customer Support Industry, some attitude like that would finish the contract with civil legal consequences. Of cause, this is not your case. You are a kind and good intended person.

If the starting with USB is or is not “logically to start with” is clearly not your business to make assumptions about but again, you are not qualified to write about topics you are not gifted by God to write about in the first place.
This is a bad attitude, I’ve seen this in Russia with some really bad programmers, unable to solve simple technical specification projects.
Of cause, this is not your case, you are a great and educated developer, don’t you?

Other than that, I did managed to make it work (on 2 computers - one is still under debug session) by patching some code that proved to be unreliable for me at least.
Important is it can be done and the project is a promising one.

Thank you guys and keep the great work!
Admin, please close the topic.
Mission accomplished.

I definitely will close this topic yes.