IC 7610 connect trouble

I’ve use this before, unfortunately, I dont use it often, usually only when on vacation away from home…sooooo, in preparation for a vacation in hopefully sunny and warm Florida, trying to get my laptop to connect to my 7610…not sure what changed, but not having any luck, I click connect to radio, and I get the searching for CIV bus flashes, then nothing, no errors, nothing…I have a ddns hostname in my router and thats the host name specifed in wfview. I confirmed the three ports are forwarded to the radio IP address…netowrk control is ON in the radio…what else shold I check?

Is your laptop on the same network as your radio? Some routers don’t play nice with external port forwarding when you are on the same side of the network. You might need to go to Starbucks or a library and test it.

pretty sure its a different network

just to verify, I connected thru on hot spot and my wifes cell phone, and still no joy…I’ve reset the 7610 since I last connected, but reinstalled the saved settings from a sd card, I may have missed something, but it looks right…

On my rig, the network stuff doesn’t get restored. (7851)

so do I need to specify the hostname in the radio as well, or just in my router? Talking about my ddns name…

Wfview needs to access your radio, but if there is a router involved then you need to specify the router’s ip address or the ddns that points to the same address.

Check that your router is forwarding UDP and that each of the three ports are forwarded with the same port number on both sides. This is a requirement. Check and double check the radio’s ip address that is used for the port forwarding. You may want to give the radio an assigned IP address from the router’s DHCP server just to keep things super consistent (especially if there is a power outage).

check and double checked…the router has the correct ddns address, and forwarding is set to BOTH for 50001, 50002, and 50003 to the correct ip address for the radio. I need to check the netowrk setup again in the radio, since those settings arent restored from the SD card on a reset…what should they be?

got it…had to reset the default gateway in the router…thanks to Roeland for pointing out restore does NOT restore the network settings from the SD card. 73

Changes to the network settings will not take effect unless you restart the transceiver.
Please restart the radio after restoring from the SD card.