IC-7610 Noise reduction and Audio Peak Filter

Hello, I’m just asking if these two very important receiving features are or will implemented in the IC-7610 or have benn testing in a night build.
If not, is there any plan to make they active? When?

Thank you very much.

There are many things still missing. I will check the stuff and update if needed.

Nr an nb certainly are on the list

Thank you Roeland, NR, APF CW filter and Notch would be a big addition.

Is there a way to help you write down code and share it with you? Qt version 6 is very costly, most pc are today 64 bits.

Have you ever though to share a standard free Virtual VM with Windows on it and all the installation for code develop pre-done so that people can help you quickly add previous tested code?


The full source code is available on gitlab, there is a link on our website.

Hello, I’ve seen the availability of the code on the site.

If one of you developpers could prepare and share on the site a free Windows VM Virtualbox with the minimal development tool (compiler) installed and configured, it would be easy for external people help you accelerate some functions implementation. The VM environment would be a copy and paste file (eventually migrate question), the external developper could compile and produce an .exe that could be easily tested outside the VM, on the local environment where the Icom Rig is connected. This before share with you the code.

I suppose creating a minimal development environment would be a good investment if done only once by experienced developer for this project.

I hope I could explain well what I meant.

We’re all using the community edition of the qt tools. No fees and no expense. Since we distribute the source code for our project, this is allowed. Zero dollars spent on software tools.

On Linux we use gcc and with windows the Microsoft c++ build system, which is also free for open source work.

de W6EL