IC-7610 Wfview setup

Elliott mentioned you are using a 7610 and Wfview via the network. I am trying the same and failing to connect. I used the IP address of the router for the radio IP address and hostname in Wfview. The CIV baud rate on the radio is 119200. I have a steppir controller connected to the radios CIV port.

When I connect in Wfview, I get a brief message indicating searching for civ bus but no connection.

Any ideas?


You need to use the radio IP address, not your router. I’m not familiar with the 7610, but if it is similar to the R8600 (and I imagine it is) you need to set up your radio just like a PC. It needs a name and IP address. The 7610 probably supports DHCP, so your router should assign it an IP.



Yes, I have been using wfview 1.5 with my IC-7610 for months and it works great with Windows 10.

My setup over the internet is as follows:

  1. My IC-7610 uses a static local IP when connected to my router.

  2. The router is setup to use port forwarding for my Global IP address via No IP to point my dynamic IP to my static host. This makes sure that “if” my Global/Public IP is changed by my service provider, No IP manages the change for me automatically. I use this dynamic IP from No IP to fill out the Hostname in wfview. Otherwise, you can use your global/public IP, but be advised, this IP may be changed by your service provider without notice.

  3. My IC-7610 is connected to my router via wifi using an extender which has a LAN cable connected to my IC-7610.

  4. I also use an internet remote control capability when I am thousands of miles away from my QTH to reboot my IC-7610, router, and extender anytime my radio looses connection to the internet. Why is this necessary? Because sometimes my IC-7610 built in server being a computer needs help to reconnect to the internet by forcing a power on reset. This remote capability works 100 percent of the time to recover my internet connection to my IC-7610 anytime my connection is lost, which does not happen to often.

  5. You must follow wfview’s setup instructions exactly as it tells you and then let wfview perform it’s magic. wfiew is intelligent software and knows what radio you are using and will report as much once it’s discovers the radio you are using. Don’t force the CI-V code unless you are using an old radio.

In closing, there is no one size fits all set up procedure for a given router as they are all different. There are also many internet solutions to include VPN which is outside the scope of wfview.

Hope this helps.

Kevin, WA6JKN


You say you are using a baud rate of “119200”. This is not a valid
baud rate. It needs to be 115200.


Quoting Brad via wfview noreply@wfview.org:

I do not seem to have this option in the 7610.


I assume that you have Link to remote enabled? This limits the maximum speed to 19200 (not 119200) you need to select unlink from remote if you want to be able to use wfview with the waterfall.


hi Brad,
yes i got the message that the wifi found the 7610 and port
but still thought it was a 705 and never ready showed the waterfall.

BUT: i connected the usb2 cable and BINGO instant waterfall.
it works great

thanx for asking
i truly hope that helps.
73 Niece/ka1uln

to be honest, this makes no sense.