Ic 7700 confusing issues

I worked out current versions may or may not work with the ic7700 and ic 7800 also for that matter and i have had no success making a connection yet, i read one guy connected via usb with he’s 7700 but I’m using the rigs inbuilt ethernet connection which i thought would make it easier?

I read on the roadmap page release 2" will be available early January 22 but i can’t find it… goes on to say it will add or enhance support for the 7700?

And I’m sorry but i can’t work out how to simply replace" the exe file if i am to try a weekly build which i think is a newer prototype version?

I’m not the best with computers but I’ve spent days trying to get this to work so that i can remote access the rig whilst away from home… Googled my ip address etc fyi

Can i help in any way to give feedback on a 7700 or 7800, seems people are able to connect to much older radios yet these great models are in limbo


Hi Dave,

We do support the 7700 and 7800, even over Ethernet. This is not something we have tested much, but the code supports it and at least one user of each has told us it works. Give it a try. The waterfall won’t be there since those radios do not send waterfall data, but otherwise it should work fine.

Release 2 is in the works. You can install a weekly build to get an idea of what that is like. Do so only after installing our most recent official release and verifying that it works. See the downloads page for details.

Let us know if you run into trouble,

de W6EL

Thank you for the prompt reply.

It says to replace the exe file? I’m sorry but how is that done, I’ve spent some time trying to work out out

And yes i understood the waterfall won’t work… Sad but what can you do.

I’ll try again tonight and advise how i go and if no luck will post everything they i have done thus far.


Hi Dave,

What this means, is to first download a regular release of wfview, install it, and confirm that it works. Then, you can go grab a weekly beta build here, and put the EXE file you download into the same folder as your existing (and confirmed to work) wfview.exe file. You can actually keep them both there so long as they have different names, which they will since the beta releases have the date in the filename.

Placing the weekly beta build in the same folder helps it find the required libraries, which do not change between releases generally.

de W6EL

Yes sorry i get that but i cant find this folder for the life of me

I have had some success in that i have connected the computer to the radio internally so to speak , My laptop is connected to the same router via wifi, However i want to use this remotely when i am away (i got to where i am by going the the icom rsba1 software manual)… firewall settings and i re did the port forwarding which i might have had wrong (not really sure)

To try and get it working remotely i have put in my public ip (googled my ip) in the ip settings for WFview but it will not connect… there is a plethora of other settings on the radio itself from “network radio name” to subnet masks which are all Chinese to me which might be important

Where could i be going wrong?

Also the screen of the wfview cant be stretched or anything and its hard to read the frequency etc weather i minimize it or whatever but i can live with this for now… it might be a setting for my laptops display etc

Slowly getting there, Thanks in advance,


Hi Dave,
it doesn’t matter whether you use it via a Win 10 PC as a server or a Raspi as a server. the server must get the port forwarding usually 50001/ 50002 and 50003! I had to redirect the ipv4 address in the router and even the ipv6 address! you also have to be careful that your network provider still offers you IPv4!!! not everyone does that anymore! yes, it should actually work. Password and username yet! Vy 73 de Jan-Peter

Thank you Jan - Peter,

I now have everything working except for tx audio… i recall some one else mentioning issues here with a 7700… ill do some forum searching. Im sure all the ports are configured correctly

My public ip will change so ill also work out a way to know what it is as it changes


Audio was just a setting in the wfview… had to set to lan not mic… i should have had a better look

Now i just need to make the wfview box / screen usable in its dimensions

Im really impressed even without a scope, Its perhaps not very user friendly or great looking compared to the icom software however it gets the job done without been confusing, probably be better once i get the the size right and can see the s meter etc and freq displayed without overlapping. if i hit full screen it freezes up and the box sits top right of screen and will not move (have to restart program)

Ill look for the donation link or become a member i think :slight_smile:

Hi, I have had no problem at all with connecting to the IC-7700 via IP, just cant get the spectrum/scope to come up…


The 7700 unfortunately does not provide scope data over the connection.

I know the rig has the data, but it doesn’t come out over CI-V or anywhere else.

Does the program work otherwise? We don’t hear much from IC-7700 users.


de W6EL

Hi Eligget,
The program is working fine, still trying to get me head around the 7700 only just been it for a play…