IC-905 Supported?


I’ve used WFVIEW to control my IC-705 and it works very well. According to the user manual, the new IC-905 is one of the core supported radios however when I try to connect to mine, it only partially works. I can see the radio in the “Radio status window” and I get audio but no display of CAT info and in the lower right corner where my IC-705 shows up it says “NONE”. Using all the default ports (same as the IC-705 just a different IP address.

Hi Terry.

Due to a number of differences with the IC905, it isn’t supported by the current released version of wfview. We are currently working on a revamped version that will include support for the IC-905, but it is not ready for use yet.


The current version crashes after very short time here with an IC-905.
Version 1.2c doesn’t crash but in the band select menu it displays HF-Bands.

If there is a need for a remote-access to an IC-905 for testing I can organize something.

Thanks Phil,

If you need to connect to a IC-905 remotely, I can give you access or I can set up a Teamviewer account on a separate PC on the same segment as my 905, whatever I can do to assist I will be more than happy to help.

73, Terry

Hi Terry/Geoffrey,

No need, I have an IC-905 and CX-10G, my problem at the moment is finding the time to do anything with them!


HA HA !!! I know that feeling!! We are building a new house and all my “extra” time is spent working on it !! Least we never forget, this is just a hobby…