IC-905's are here.

I have a couple of IC-905’s I would be happy to help test anything if needed. I can’t send one, but I can allow remote access to a dedicated PC on the same network. Let me know if you’re interested.

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I think that if you connect one over the network and share/enjoy the user/pass and external ip address, we could use/test stuff. e.g. a direct connection would suffice and is the best idea.

you can contact us via either mail or an internal message here.

Roeland, I have the 905 on the network, ports forwarded. How do you want me to send you the rest of the information?

ah that’s cool!

you can share it via clicking on my name and share the information or some other way; basically the way you feel is the most secure thing to do.

I do not see an option to DM you by clicking on your name. Nor is there an email address. Am I missing something? Sorry for the trouble.

I sent an in mail. Else qrz lookup pa3met

thaks to Rob, we have access to a 905 remotely so that we can do some testing and hopefully be the first to have 905 support!

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