IC-9700 direct connection; AGC ?


I’m successfully connecting to my remote IC-9700 with Wfview, directly to the Ethernet Port’s IP address; so no host running the Wfview service.
I’d don’t see any options to change the AGC settings; as I’m switching AGC OFF for data modes I would need to be able to remotely set it back to slow or fast for SSB.
I’ve seen solutions in this forum going through CAT commands from PI servers, but as I go direct to the 9700 that doesn’t apply.

May RigCtrld potentially be a workaround ?

Marco HB9CAT

there is no AGC switching function yet. It is on the todo list though.

Switching off AGC depends on the type of digital modes you use by the way. It’s not always a good idea.

Thanks Roeland, good to know it’s on the to do list.

I turn it off particularly for Meteor Scatter.

As a workaround I connected through the Icom Remote Utility + Win4Icom just for the purpose of switching the AGC.

You can send your own CI-V commands through wfview’s pseudo-serial port any time. This applies to USB and LAN connections.