IC705 wireless remote settings.

I have my IC705 setup with WFview to work remotely through my home network and it works perfectly, however I discovered by accident that it works fine even when my IC705 has its presets to “Normal” mode which has Data Mod and DataMod Off set to USB/MIC instead of WLAN. That I thought in theory cannot work but it does which has me confused.

You’ll find that receive audio always works. It is the transmit audio that will need to be switched to LAN or USB or MIC. As far as I know!

de W6EL

Thats the strange part because digital modes like FT8 using wsjtx seem to work in receive and transmit regardless of whether I have the 705 set to WLAN or Mic/USB

Well, I can’t explain that!

Just a thought, do you also havd the usb cable connected?

Sorry all, I must have had a “senior moment” because I cannot duplicate the issue now. In other words FT8 on wsjtx does not transmit if I have data mod set to mic/usb which is as it should be. What I did notice is I can transmit cw using the WFview cw option which works regardless of the ic 705 data mod setting. Thanks for your inputs.

Cw tx is normal because it does not use a modulation input…