IC7100 remote

Hello the program looks very nice and the functionality is just what I am looking for
But I have been trying to let it function with my IC7100 many times without result…
My laptop used with IC7100 is functioning well with WSJTx MSHV N1MM cat control and audio wise
Wfview connects the IC7100, frequency is displayed and follows tuning of the rig
Sometimes the audio level bars indicate audio and RF levels
TX on /off ptt Data on/off and power off on are responding
But no audio is present on the laptop speakers.
Next time I start the program again with same settings rf levels are zero…
For unknown reasons random…
I want obviously to use the server option to control the radio over network remote.
But although the remote PC reports an IC7100 the radio list is empty nothing is active
The frequency stay zero or sometimes an complete strange freq is displayed

So in short I can not get it to work with the IC7100
Is there any one here that can tell me it works with the IC7100 connected CAT and audio wise?
and that the connected PC + IC7100 does offer the server function to connect over the network?

You will not hear any audio except when you ARE the remote side listening to the radio. The server side will not present audio to the speakers of the computer.

wfview is known to work well with the 7100.

Please read the user manual on our website, especially the page titled “ Remote Operation (server)”.

de W6EL

will do that thanks
I hope to find some clues

I had setup the server and client as described in the manual
The settings seems straight forward and simple
I can not see any fault in the settings on both ends.
The server is configured at a laptop connected to the IC7100 USB and over wifi sharing the same router
The client PC is connected over wire both in the same sub net.
pinging vice versa is positive.
( I must say first after a reset of the laptop’s firewall ping both ways was positive)
And the client reports the IC7100 upon connecting, but that is all what happens
Some fault must be here , that is why I asked to share working configuration with IC7100 and Wfview

On the server side, do you see “IC-7100” in the lower-right corner?

Please make sure CI-V Transceive is set to “ON” on the radio. Please do not check “Manual Radio CI-V Address” and do not check “Use CI-V address as Mode lD too”.

After verifying those settings on the radio and within wfview, please check that basic control is working on the server side.

de W6EL

server side
CI-V transceive is ON
should there be an S meter value ?

Also the client side right under shows IC7100
but that is the only sign of live…

will do some more testing thanks

Did you not see the bit where Elliott said you MUST NOT set a manual CI-V address or use CIV address as Model ID, this is ONLY for older radios that don’t support CIV transceive?