IC7300 No Audio: Win10 Server -> OSX 13.1 - M1 Client


First of all thank you for this beautiful project, which I only discovered recently.
Everything seems to be working, except for audio streaming.
I use a Windows 10 server and an OSX 13.1 client (M1). The radio is an IC7300.
The only audio system I get to choose on the client is QT Audio.
Server log: https://termbin.com/qshgx
Client log: https://termbin.com/yhc7m

Best 73 and thank you again
Alain K1FM

There is a bug in the server code on the release which fails to select the correct audio devices. You are best to download the latest weekly build and copy that into the wfview directory.


You will also need to download portaudio_x86.dll, qcustomplot2.dll and Qt5Xml.dll and copy those into the wfview directory.

We will be doing a release soon which will incorporate all of these changes.

Incidentally, you need to click disconnect before it will let you select PA/QT audio.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks for the reply.
Just to be clear, I forgot mentioning that audio seems to be working normally on the server side (I can hear it fine). Is that relevant to your diagnosis?


For posterity, here is what works with my setup:
Qt Audio - No RX audio, TX audio works
PortAudio - No RX audio, TX audio works
RT Audio - RX audio works, TX audio is garbled and incomprehensible

Are you changing it at the server or the client?

In my tests I am changing both at the same time