IC7300 Remote / radio off?

I am currently working on the integration of an IC7300 into my shack automation. Getting data from the rig via WFView and rigctl works like charm. The only thing I am missing is any information on the rigs status (on or off). I have checked all known ressources, but I cannot find a way to get this information.

A rigctl question to WFView delivers the last valid information from the rig, even if it is powered down.

Any ideas?

vy 73 de Thomas, DL3EL

The wfview rigctld uses a simple caching mechanism in an attempt to reduce the amount of traffic to the rig. The downside of this is that when the rig is switched to standby, there is no further traffic from it to indicate the current power status (the rig will only respond to the special ‘power on’ command.)

This is something that we can possibly address in a future version, but currently we have no way of knowing if the rig is in standby.