IC7300 Waterview Does Not Display

Recently downloaded wfview to my windows 10 laptop and connected it to my 7300. I cannot get the waterfall to display. I also have installed RS-BA1 package and the waterfall works fine on that, as well as WSJTX and JS8call. Any ideas?

Did you follow the getting started section of the manual?


Thanks for the link Phil. I’ll confirm the settings when I get back to my home QTH - Southport NC. I installed WSJT-X and JS8call which both work fine. I’ve also purchased and installed a copy of RS-BA1 - that is not working very well however.

Phil can correct me if im wrong, but the waterfall has to appear on the face of the 7300 in order for you to see it on the PC. If youre in another display (ex. SWR or maybe in a menu setting ) the WF wont show on the PC.

so, in a nutshell, WF on the unit itself will give WF in the PC as well.

Also, be sure you have CI-Transceive set to ON in the 7300’s menu system.

Menu—>Set—>Connectors—>CI-V------> Transceive = ON

Better yet, here is a step-by-step for the 7300 that Elliott made: