IC7610 + WFView + WSJT-X

I have been able to remotely control my 7610 with the three subject line items, what I can’t get to work is WSJT-X to decode, there are signals in the waterfall but decode window is blank. It’s a Win11 machine, WFView and WSJT-X are the latest releases. Router has been port forwarded

Hi LaValle,

Are you redirecting the audio from wfview into wsjt-x? You’ll need to do that, otherwise wfview audio just comes out of your speakers.

See the User Manual, specifically the chapter about audio:


de W6EL

I should have added more detail to my initial query…

I have installed and configured VB-Audio and VSPE. WSJT-X has been configured to the virtual audio comms. Again I see signals in the waterfall however the band activity window is empty - this was tested for 3 mins on each band. My receiving level in WSJT-X indicates ~ 61 dB, this is true on all of the HF bands. WSJT-X is configured for the 7610, TEST CAT and Test PTT functions both pass, Network server is set to the virtual comm port (10), router port forwarding have been set to the 7610’s Control, Serial and Audio ports. I have tested this on FT8 and FT4, both yield the exact same results.

I’m thinking this is a radio configuration issue though I have set to align to all of the videos/blogs I have read.

I hope this helps to expand the explanation to the point where there may be a solution

73 de LaValle W9SV

if you totally ditch the virtual audio and wsjtx config for a second and you can use wfview to listen to audio and have the fast waterfal as well, you can can rule out wfview/radio config to be the issue.

Roeland - I do have complete rig control so excellent point, the fact that WSJT-X is not decoding is baffling…

Maybe the question is out of place. Are your time synchronized?

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rx level at - 61 probably tells that audio is not getting in wsjtx

I found a computer at work that was off by over 5 minutes! This is a valid point. I think WSJT-X can only tolerate 1 or 2 seconds maximum.

It was the time difference LOL - Thanks to all for the help, she is up and running!!!