IC9700 Waterfall issue

In Window 10 WF 1.1 spectrum screen will be freeze when IC-9700 + spectrum scope closed ( Spectrum off,/ Open Meter / Open audio scope…),

Any Idea?

de 73 VR2VRC

Hi Yip,

It’s a fault of the radio. If the waterfall isn’t on the rig, then it won’t output the data.

The ONE exception I have seen to this, is if you have the audio spectrum and the RF spectrum at the same time on the rig (split screen sort of), and then you make the audio spectrum full-size. Then, even though the waterfall isn’t visible, the data still come out!

de W6EL

note that this output, including audio also stops if you for instance save the config on the rig.
If you are in the settings it will also cease.