ICOM 7300 needs audio or transmit

ICOM 7300 connected to Raspberry Pi. All functions work. No audio or transmit. I have checked settings numerous times to no avail.

Is there another computer involved or just the Pi being used locally?

de W6EL

Locally I have all settings in 7300 set according to directions

When used locally, wfview does not use the USB audio stream. There’s just no need for it. So use the radio’s speaker and mic as usual, or, use the USB audio stream with a program like WSJT-X or fldigi as you normally would. wfview uses the radio’s USB audio only if wfview is being used as a wfview server.

If you want your computer mic and computer speaker to connect into the radio’s USB audio, and you’re sitting at the computer plugged into the radio, you’ll need to use some fancy audio redirection tricks within your operating system. I’m pretty sure you could do it using Jack and QJackCtl on linux, for example.

de W6EL