icom 7300 questiom menus?

does wfview give full access to radioi’s menu system when used for internet remote control thanks jimmy ka3vgm

wfview provides access to some menu items that we have programmed in. It’s the same experience whether you are local or remotely connecting.

See the manual for screenshots and details about what you can adjust.

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ok its more and more like if i want full menu access i have 2 use icom’s program sadly jimmy ka3vgm

I guess so. We’re a small team and each radio we support has thousands of possible commands for various menu items. What menu item do you need?

de W6EL

tx eq stuff im new to the radio so relly need to explore everythimg in
it thanks for your work

I would think that you are better off getting used to all the rigs capabilities with it in front of you.

Then decide which features you absolutely must have operating remotely, and which you are not interested in. Then decide on software that most fits your requirements.


Unless you have already purchased RS-BA1 V2, I would look at Win4Icom by VA2FSQ. It does everything RS-BA1 does, (and more), and is a LOT less expensive. He offers a 30 day trial period, too.

I have both RS-BA1 and Win4Icom and I never use RS-BA1 anymore.


Sorry if I drug the topic off center, Elliott. :slightly_smiling_face:

win4icom $60
rsba1 EUR 65.

Note that win4icom is notoriously slow with ethernet connected systems. Also win4icom needs a system to run while ethernet connected systems and rsba1 or wfview don’t.

I have win4icom and I hardly use it. I update it more than that I use it tbh. So it’s just depending on what you like.

If wfview didn’t exist I woud use rsba1. ymmv

Wow, you get it cheap over there. It’s $140.00 US at HRO.

Oh well, just my $0.02.

i can’t do that my friends qth is in other state so must do remote i’m
also in a wheelchair cebral palsy

Hi Jimmy,

With the IC-7300, you’ll need to set up some kind of computer to run the server. It can be a Raspberry Pi or a desktop PC, or anything in between. We have directions on our website.

As for the audio controls (bass and treble), you can implement that on your PC using some software and probably end up with something much more flexible than simple boom-box controls like the Icom radio has in its menus. Someone can probably chime in here with their favorite Graphic Equalizer app.

Welcome to ham radio, ask us what questions you have.

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US$120 in VK

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i found info about setup a server on a pi internet reomote in german is
it in english somewhere
thanks jimmy ka3vgm

The official documentation covers this in some detail Remote Operation (server) | wfview