ICOM 7410 low TX on 160m

I have used my IC 7410 for some years. I am very pleased with it. As Winter is on its way I decided to operate on 160m again. The radio works well on all bands but the tx output on 160m is very low. I have tested it with a dummy load and a well matched antenna. I wonder of any else has had this problem?
73 Alan VK7BO

How low is low?

Maybe it is the LPF relays.

That could be it, the LPF relays in the transceiver. Alan, Are you using an external SWR/ Power meter to examine the RF Power output or just going by what the iCOM is saying?

Also see if the input power (Amps DC) is much different on 160 vs 80.

Thanks, Yes, I use an external SWR meter, also the one in the Power meter. I checked VSWR at the antenna and the shack end of the feeder and everything between the feeder and the radio.

73 Alan VK7BO

Yes, checked thanks. Measured 160m 15 W o/p. 80m 40W, 40m 100W. It does sound like a filter or switching fault.