Icom 7610 setup, no waterfall or control

I’m able to connect to my 7610, I have audio, but I don’t have any waterfall or control of the radio. Any thoughts on my setting please…

Hi Nick,

  • What operating system are you using?
  • What version of wfview?
  • What method of connecting to the radio?



Mac, OS version Ventura 13.0 and I have tried over the LAN and USB. I’m at a point now where I can control the 7610 but no water fall.

Hi Nick,

Generally when there isn’t a waterfall, it means two things:

  1. The CI-V baud rate must be set to 115200 (and you’ll need to re-connect once it is set of course)
  2. CI-V Transceive needs to be ON, which is a setting on the radio

Give that a try and let us know. Also let us know what you see on the bottom-right corner. It should say “IC-7610” and not “NONE”

de W6EL

That was it, the boud rate it looks like. I had it on 19200, thanks!

Just a FYI, using the network connection is not stable at all, USB is much much better. I think there may be some bugs in that part of the code.

Hi Nick,

Glad it’s working.

I regularly use the 7610 over the network, it should work very well. You may want to check the log (press the Log button) to see what issues you’re having. One of the most regularly-reported issue is usually due to poor wifi latency and/or corruption of network data.

I almost exclusively use my 7610 and 9700 over the network.

de W6EL

As Elliott says, it is almost certainly your environment that is the issue. Live streaming uncompressed audio requires a very stable network. If you see lots of retransmit requests in the log, that will be the cause.

73 Phil

I solely use ethernet without major issues if any.

One of the reasons besides the speed, is that RF ingress in USB cables is more likely, loosing the connection unless you restart, replug or reset the USB device/driver (linux).

Elliot why do you ask about Operating system? i have same issue and using win10 pro

i see wfview running but i never seen anything coming from icom7610… WHY

what do i have to do special for win10 pro???

Hi @ka1uln ,

I asked about the OS because I generally just want to get an idea of what people are running and what problems they have. It’s good for us to track these things so that we can try and make them better. It’s also just part of the setup. I really have to put myself into your shoes to understand your problem. It’s not so different from calling Best Buy and saying “My TV doesn’t work”. They’re going to ask you what model TV, and what it is connected to and how it is being used. Same thing here really.

So, anyway, along those lines… here are some questions for you about your setup: How is the IC-7610 connected to your computer? We recommend ethernet but USB can work as well.

de W6EL

HI Elliott
i got it… i am seeing the waterfall and everything now
i plugged in the USB. prior to usb i WAS seeing the 7610 just via wifi. but not everything else.

i am good now Elliott.
thanx so much
i love the install and operation of wfview
73 Niece/KA1ULN

I’m glad it works for you. It should work over wifi or Ethernet with faster waterfall. But if you like what’s working, that’s awesome.

de W6EL